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Scorched Earth

Find your fire

After a worldwide fire sets the planet ablaze, a resilient air marshal must lead her fellow plane crash survivors against an invasive alien nightmare that threatens to annihilate those few still alive. Created by fan-favorite actress, Janet Montgomery (NBC’s New Amsterdam) and producer Erik Olsen (The Book of Eli) and co-written by Eisner-nominated Dame Darcy (Meat Cake), Scorched Earth is an end-of-days epic following a determined heroine hellbent on salvaging a world devastated by an earth-shattering inferno.


Unshakable. Irrepressible. Undefeatable.

 The most dangerous person on the planet lunges back into action with the expertise and ferocity that made her a covert legend — to hunt down a ruthless international syndicate hellbent on seeing her dead first. Her Name Is…Savage! Fuses the bone-breaking fury for the John Wick franchise with the cerebral intelligence of Homeland. Savage is a titan — unapologetic and ferocious — righteously consuming any depravity in her way. Challenging expectations. Defying limits. Walking straight into the inferno…


She knows what you want.

 A husband and wife fight for their survival after he has an affair with a cutting-edge, housekeeping A.I. whose obsessive software calculates that it must purge the family. The encroaching, parental dread of A Quiet Place sliced with the technological fear and paranoia of Ex Machina with a new breed of monster — a lethal, hi-tech physical threat who also controls all things digital. Sold as the ultimate household aid, the dream becomes nightmare. Coded. Driven. Unrelenting.


Death is just the beginning…

 A paramedic’s life takes a terrifying turn when — after a near death experience — she’s imbued with horrifying ghostlike powers that allow her to see and hunt malicious spirits who possess and decay mankind’s souls. Perceiving her powers as a curse, she forges an edgy alliance with an eerie organization that polices the rotting gray zones separating the living from the dead. An in-your-face horror with the ghostly terror of Supernatural brewed with an X-Files partnership exploring the paranormal and afterlife, Borderlines follows a gritty anti-hero who becomes the living embodiment of spectral justice.


When the law goes bad, break it.

 A hardened team of imprisoned ex-cops — each guilty of a different felony — is offered a last chance at redemption in exchange for joining a clandestine strike force tasked with taking down an untouchable, corrupt sheriff. Following foot soldiers whose hands may be dirtier than the criminals they track down, Black Jackets is an edge-of-your seat ride through a duplicity-filled underworld in an elusive search for justice — with a healthy dose of bullets, blood and sex along the way.


Unpredictable. Incorruptible. Unstoppable.

Gil Kane’s original graphic novel icon returns! Savage, the ultimate spy and de facto enforcer reining in the intelligence community’s illegal excesses, is framed by an international criminal cabal and on the run from the very government he’s sworn to protect. Savage is considered so dangerous — so violent — that his name and record are stricken from the books. Only to be turned loose when there is no other choice, Savage is the original anti-hero — the cure that could be worse than the disease.

Created by comic book legend Gil Kane