Paper Movies

builds worlds.

Horror. Sci-fi. Action. Crime. Paranormal. Thriller.

Each unique tale crafted to be but the first step into remarkable worlds populated with imaginative content and diverse characters.

Paper Movies is a graphic novel company built for the fans. It strives to tap into the same awesome energy of the committed binge-watcher, the excitement of the ‘be there opening night’ blockbuster cinema devotee, and the pop-culture passion of the comic book enthusiast.

Formed by Steven Grant, Shane Riches, and Jeff Davison, Paper Movies is dedicated to creating intellectual properties that enhance the graphic novel medium and draw in readers of all ages — both new to the industry and old-school fans alike.

Devoted to finding new content and fresh voices, Paper Movies develops a myriad of stories for modern readers. Places you’ll want to return to. Characters you’ll never forget. Scenes that will make you laugh, scream, and cry…

The best of world-building.

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